How to enjoy HHC? Methods and dosages

What’s the best way to enjoy your HHC experience? You have a variety of options. You can relax and induce pleasant feelings – perhaps after a hard day – using different methods of application, and we will introduce them gradually in this article. Learn more about taking HHC and get inspired. But above all, pay attention to what suits you and how your body reacts.


Classic HHC flowers and HHC joints

HHC flowers are the flowers of technical cannabis. HHC is characterised by the fact that it must contain less than 1% of the well-known substance THC. At the same time, the concentration of HHC itself is up to 20% in the flowers.


HHC flowers can then be used for baking or cooking, or you can roll them up in the traditional way. We then come to HHC joints, which are pre-prepared, and your only task is to choose the best flavour.

HHC vaporisers and HHC pens with the fastest onset

Vaping is a catch-all term for electronic smoking. This includes using HHC vaporisers and disposable HHC pens, where you can also find a variety of flavours. HHC cartridges and HHC liquids are usually also available.


And the benefits of using an HHC pen? HHC generally has a relatively rapid onset of effects, so with a vaping pen you can see the effects even earlier. Unlike smoking, vaping does not introduce harmful carcinogens and toxins into your body.

Try highly absorbent HHC sprays

You can insert them straight into your mouth, they are simple and discreet. Thanks to unique microemulsion technology, sprays give you more intense effects than many other forms of application, but of course it mainly depends on what suits you.


You can choose from a variety of flavours to get that pleasant refreshment. The advantage of HHC sprays is also very good absorption – you really enjoy the effects of HHC to the fullest.

HHC oil? Just a few drops

What to look for with HHC oils? In addition to flavours, and again there are plenty to choose from, pay attention to the concentration of HHC in each type of oil. For beginners, we recommend a low concentration of 5–10%; the strongest products have up to 40%.


Dosing with HHC oils is simple: just mix 10–20 drops in a drink or drip under the tongue. Of course, the amount depends on the concentration of HHC in the oil, so read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Enjoy HHC Gummies

They are delicious, effective, and you’ll love them. HHC gummies are the perfect choice for creating a relaxed state, just pay attention to their dosage and start out with only half a gummy. Wait about an hour to feel the full effects. The onset is a little slower, but HHC Gummies can deliver you greater comfort.

How to administer the right dose of HHC

As HHC is not yet well studied, there is no clear rules on its dosage. So, as with all other cannabinoids, there are crucial recommendations – start very slowly and with small doses, and adjust the dosage accordingly.


However, it is generally agreed that the first doses should not exceed 5 to 12 mg. Primarily follow your own feelings and listen to what your body says. Meanwhile, experienced users should certainly stay within 40 mg per dose. Therefore, keep an eye on individual packages and product information, and follow the recommended dosage advised by experienced users.


We believe you will find the right way to appreciate HHC substances. You can start with our wide range, from flowers to gummies.