unicorn piss

This bold, fruity cocktail that has become a cult favorite features a distinctive tropical aroma of pineapple, mango and guava, accented by peach, berries and citrus. Notes of...

super sour diesel

With penetrating, earthy and diesel notes, this flavour creates an unforgettable experience. It brings calm, focus, joy and encourages creativity. This strong sativa is a great...

granddaddy purple

An experience full of unique scents and soothing effects. With a combination of ripe purple berries and blueberry syrup, it brings together earthy and sweet aromas with the...

girl scout cookies

Irresistibly sweet and engagingly aromatic - that's what our Girl Scout Cookies are. This unique strain, which originated in sunny California, is the secret to our unforgettable...

blueberry haze

The flavour is characterised by a strong taste of juicy berries, sandalwood, blueberries and fresh woody notes, which together create a perfect balance between sweetness and...

blueberry banana pancake

An experience that becomes unforgettable thanks to its unique flavours and aromas. After the first swipe, you feel the explosion of blueberries and bananas, which blends...

banana kush

Banana Kush is a genetic blend of Skunk Haze and Ghost OG that delivers a fresh banana flavor. This sweet, fruity note not only brings a calming and uplifting high, but also...

alchemy death star

The Death Star flavour will surprise you with its unique combination of scents. It opens with strong notes of garlic and diesel, which gradually turn into earthy and funky...

CanaPuff - BLUEBERRY DIESEL - HHC 96%-cartridge

This flavour is a great combination of sweet blueberry, fruity profile and an authentic petrol note. With every puff, you'll experience a combination of sweetness, freshness and...

Marionberry Kush

It brings a distinctive combination of scents and effects. With aromas of caramelised blackberry, petrol, earth, wood and pine, this product creates an identity full of...

Pineapple Diesel

It offers a rich pineapple flavor that is enhanced by sweetness and pine obtained from the complex terpenes of cannabis. This is the perfect product for those looking to escape...

Blue Dream

Experience the unique taste and aroma of Blue Dream, which features fresh and fruity top notes of fresh berries and orange peel. These notes are perfectly balanced by base notes...

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