CanaPuff - WATERMELON ZLUSHIE - HHC-P 96% - cartridge

The subtle illusion of ripe melon, along with the gently sour green grape fruit, gradually fades away to reveal a deep and earthy resin-covered wall surrounded on all sides by...

CanaPuff - ACAPULCO GOLD - HHC-P 79% - cartridge

The aroma of this product is both the scent of spring flowers and refreshing spices, which corresponds perfectly with the uplifting effect of this euphoric variety. Imagine the...

Canapuff - SLURRICANE - HHC-P 96% - cartridge
from €15,74

Slurricane is like a refreshing cocktail full of juicy flavours that instantly caress you. This flavour combines fruity notes of blueberry, grape and cherry layered over a...

CanaPuff - PURPLE URKLE - HHC-P 96% - cartridge
from €15,74

With a taste of dark berries and a hint of spice. These flavours are then complemented by a long, smooth finish of caramelised banana topped with whipped cream. The result? A...

CanaPuff - GOJI OG - HHC-P 96% - cartridge
from €15,74

It brings an intense and rich flavour that is a blend of spices, herbs, sweetness and liquorice. This flavour is not only delicious, but also completely unique and...

CanaPuff - FORBIDDEN GUAVA - HHC-P 96% - cartridge
from €15,74

A unique hybrid with a distinctive and juicy aroma of guava, cherry and papaya. This complex profile combines sweetness, warm floral notes and a distinct tropical richness that...

CanaPuff - DURBAN POISON - HHC-P 96% - cartridge
from €15,74

A sumptuous symphony of sweet, sour, earthy, pine and citrus notes will enchant you at the first sniff. Durban Poison offers a unique combination of flavours that will keep you...

Canapuff - DOUBLE BUBBLE OG - HHC-P 96% - cartridge
from €15,74

The distinctive bubblegum aroma delivers bubblegum sweetness and full-bodied fruit that blends with subtle undertones of earth and wood every time.

CanaPuff - AC-DC - HHC-P 96% - cartridge
from €15,74

A walk through the forest full of inspiration and joy. Its fragrance combines earthy, woody and pine notes with hints of lemongrass and plum cherry. All this creates a unique...

CanaPuff - 9 POUND HAMMER - HHC-P 96% - cartridge
from €15,74

The 9 Pound Hammer flavour is like a walk in the woods full of citrus aromas and spicy notes. Imagine the refreshing aroma of citrus zest, the scent of pine forest and a touch...

Canapuff - 24K GOLD PUNCH - HHC-P 96% - cartridge
from €15,74

It will take you to an exotic world with hints of grapefruit, citrus and fruit punch. Canapuff Premium offers this product as an ideal choice for relaxation and uplifting with a...

CanaPuff - GREEN CRACK - HHC-P 96%-cartridge
from €15,74

It is crowned with extraordinary flavors that are the result of a unique combination of citrus, earthy soil and sweetness. This combination results in an intense yet pleasant...

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