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Discreet delivery
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Highest quality
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HHC Flowers
obal AK47
from €7
Code: 43/1 G
obal royal skunk
from €7,50
Code: 52/1 G
obal shogun
from €6,50
Code: 46/1 G
obal amnesia haze
from €7
Code: 58/1 G
HHC Oils
HHC Oil Cherry 10%

10 ml 

Code: 67
HHC Oil Lemon 5%
Code: 70
HHC Oil Lime 10%
Code: 75
HHC Oil Cherry 5%
Code: 69

HHC Hemp Flowers - Best Quality HHC Products

1. We offer the highest quality flower that looks and smells better than the original.

2. We use the best quality HHC which has high efficiency.

3. We do professional application of HHC on flowers. 

4. We grow exclusively indoors in a professional nursery.

5. We meet all legislative conditions for sale and cultivation.

6. We offer express delivery for all Europe.