H4CBD Vapes

H4CBD disposable vaporizers bring something new to the market. They are designed to give you the best of both worlds: HHC-like effects, but with legality in all European countries. This means you can enjoy their beneficial effects without worrying about the legal implications.


grg npie

With this amazing flavor, you get into the world of sweet peach pies that are mixed with delicious caramelized sugar, brown spices and a biscuit crust. This unique combination...

lndn pnd ck

London Pound Cake is like a delicious piece of dessert that takes you into a world of rich flavors. The aromas of lemon, cake, vanilla and sweetness blend into a unique symphony...


Dabbalicious 96% H4CBD delivers the classic taste of good old gum with the smooth, juicy finish of a fresh bite right out of the box. With a content of 96% H4CBD and an...

agent orange

Agent Orange is like an adventure with 007. This flavor is known for its energy and uplifting effects. When you immerse yourself in this fragrance, you will feel a fruity,...

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