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blueberry haze current view

The power of juicy blueberry blends with the haze of cedar, sandalwood and fresh woody notes. This flavor abounds with intense flavors of juicy berries that blend seamlessly...


Slurricane is like a refreshing cocktail full of juicy flavors that will instantly caress you. This flavor combines fruity notes of blueberry, grape and cherry, which are...


With a taste of dark berries and a hint of spicy. These flavors are then complemented by a long, smooth finish of caramelized banana sprinkled with whipped cream. Result? A...


Let yourself be guided through a forest full of inspiration and joy. Its aroma combines earthy, woody and pine notes with hints of lemongrass and plum cherry. All this creates a...


The 9 Pound Hammer flavor is like a walk through a forest full of citrus scents and spicy notes. Imagine the refreshing scent of citrus peel, the smell of pine forest and a...


Let yourself be led into an exotic world with a hint of grapefruit, citrus and fruit punch. Canapuff Premium offers this product as an ideal choice for relaxing and uplifting...

HHC-P Liquid 1.500mg - Orange Pineapple

It's like a refreshing wave of citrus happiness with a hint of tropical pineapple. Imagine layers of citrusy deliciousness with notes of orange, tangerine and lemon...

HHC-P Liquid 1.500mg - Marionberry Kush

It brings a distinctive combination of scents and effects. With aromas of caramelized blackberry, petrol, earth, wood and pine, this product creates an identity full of...

HHC-P Liquid 1.500mg - Blueberry Diesel

The Blueberry Diesel flavor is a great combination of sweet blueberry, a fruity profile and an authentic note of gasoline aroma. With every breath you will experience a...

HHC-P Liquid 1.500mg - Sour Mango

Sweet meets sour in this spicy and full flavor profile. Layered on a floral and gaseous base. Sour Mango perfectly captures the creamy and rich aroma that mango, the king of...

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