HHC Liquids


candy kush cane current view 720

This terpene variety of Candy Cane Kush is like a joyful and easy sleigh ride straight into a winter paradise. Glide through the snow without leaving the comfort of your couch...

sour mango

Sweet meets sour in this spicy and full flavor profile. Layered on a floral and gaseous base. Sour Mango perfectly captures the creamy and rich aroma that mango, the king of...

orange pineapple

With its strong concentration, HHC Liquid from Canapuff offers a pleasant way to relax and unwind. With every drop, a world of delicious flavours and the potential for a calm...

marionberry kush

It brings a distinctive combination of scents and effects. With aromas of caramelized blackberry, petrol, earth, wood and pine, this product creates an identity full of...

blueberry diesel

The Blueberry Diesel flavor is a great combination of sweet blueberry, a fruity profile and an authentic note of gasoline aroma. With every breath you will experience a...

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