H4CBD Catridge

What makes the H4CBD cartridge so unique? Our special technology allows us to combine the best of both worlds: effects similar to those offered by HHC, but with 100% legal status in Europe. Forget the trade-offs between benefits and legal risk - with our innovative product you can enjoy the beneficial effects of H4CBD without any worries.


london pound cake
from €15,01

London Pound Cake is like a delicious piece of dessert that takes you into a world of rich flavors. The aromas of lemon, cake, vanilla and sweetness blend into a unique symphony...

georgia pie
from €15,01

With this amazing flavor, you will be transported to a world of sweet peach pies that are mixed with delicious caramelized sugar, brown spices and a cookie crust. This unique...

from €15,01

Dabbalicious delivers the classic taste of good old gum with the smooth, juicy finish of a fresh bite straight from the pack. With a content of 96% H4CBD and an indica-style...

agent orange
from €15,01

Agent Orange flavor is known for its energy and uplifting effects. When you immerse yourself in this fragrance, you will feel a fruity, orange tropical breeze with hints of a...

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