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CanaPuff - DOUBLE BUBBLE OG 50% - HHC-P Flowers
from €9,10

Double Bubble OG ist eine indicadominierte Mischung mit Noten von süßem Kaugummi und Beeren, die von subtilen Noten von Erde und Holz überlagert werden. Dieses Produkt bringt...

491/1 G
CanaPuff - DURBAN POISON 50% - HHC-P Flowers
from €9,10

CanaPuff - Durban Poison 50% - HHC-P Flowers. The best choice for those looking for a premium product that delivers energy, creativity and productivity.

494/1 G
CanaPuff - FORBIDDEN GUAVA 50% - HHC-P Flowers
from €9,10

Try FORBIDDEN GUAVA 50% - HHC-P Flowers and let the tropical aroma and taste take you to a world of peace and harmony.

497/1 G
CanaPuff - GOJI OG 50% - HHC-P Flowers
from €9,10

Experience a unique taste experience with this exceptional product. CanaPuff - GOJI OG 50% delivers an intense and rich flavor that is a blend of spices, herbs, sweetness and...

500/1 G
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