What effect does HHC have on our sleep?

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you sleep as much as you need? Do you feel refreshed and rested in the morning and head off to work or school with a clear head? Always? Not everyone is so lucky these days. According to some statistics, one in two people have trouble sleeping. This article discusses how to help yourself using HHC products and give yourself the right relaxation to be relaxed in the morning.


Why do we sleep badly?

The quality of our sleep is essential to how we function overall. Many sources agree that we really should get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can cause physical and mental damage, ranging from heart disease to depression.


Simply put, a bad night can make getting up and getting through the day very uncomfortable. What are the most common reasons why we sometimes sleep badly?


  • Lifestyle, such as excessive stress, coffee consumption, or smoking and alcohol combined with lack of physical activity.
  • Mental problems such as depression or current problems that trouble us.
  • Severe pain that can prevent you from falling asleep and then cause frequent awakenings.


People deal with insomnia in different ways, from dietary adjustments to various supplements. But there is also a great alternative in the form of HHC that can bring you a range of benefits.

Cannabinoids and sleep

The substance HHC is a cannabinoid, similar to THC or CBD. These are known, among other things, as substances that promote sleep and a general calming of the body. Some cannabinoids have been shown to prolong the deep sleep phase and are therefore used by many people precisely to feel refreshed and invigorated when they wake up.


The well-known and illegal substance THC is psychoactive, meaning it affects our consciousness. In small doses, it usually has a calming effect and therefore accelerates falling asleep. On the other hand, in larger doses it can cause euphoria, a high, and you really don't want that when you're trying to fall asleep.


In contrast, the lesser known but perhaps even more interesting HHC may minimize these negative effects on your sleep, and it could be the optimal choice for you.


Why HHC?

HHC comes from industrial hemp or CBD and has similar effects to THC. However, the end product of HHC flowers, joints or oils must not contain more than 1% THC. In this case, HHC is perfectly legal in our country, but logically with less effect than THC.


And that's simply great news for our sleep rituals. Users report that the effects of HHC are roughly half those of THC, so the feeling of great euphoria doesn't compromise our sleep as much. On the contrary, HHC's effects are much more relaxing, helping with feelings of pleasant fatigue, pain relief, and a soothing sleep.


Various sources report that HHC can also prolong the deep sleep phase while shortening the dreaming phase. This may not be ideal for everyone, but for people suffering from excessive stress or post-traumatic disorders, it will be a very pleasant benefit.


Even HHC is not a panacea

It's not ideal to think that a few drops of HHC oil under your tongue will ensure a good night's sleep every time. Of course, a regular day and night routine, limiting blue light exposure, eating right, and a quiet and dark environment is all important. I'm sure you'll find plenty of other advice on how to fall asleep and stay asleep, and what works for you is truly an individual matter.


This is why you should think about HHC products as a supplement that doesn't replace a healthy lifestyle. It can help you relax, though, and relieve unnecessary stress that hinders your sleep.