How not to ‘get burnt’ when choosing cannabinoids

In recent years, the cannabinoid market has grown rapidly, bringing with it a wide range of products, from CBD and THC to newly discovered compounds such as the currently banned HHC or the permitted HHC-P, and many more. With this increase comes greater complexity and challenges in choosing the right product, especially for newcomers to this space. In this article, we’ll focus on how not to ‘get burnt’ when choosing cannabinoids – how to recognise quality products, understand labels, and avoid common traps that can lead users to unsatisfactory experiences or even health risks.


Experiment carefully and educate yourself

When exploring the world of cannabinoids, users encounter a wide range of possibilities, from the well-known THC plus its derivatives and CBD, to lesser-known compounds such as HHC-P.


Each cannabinoid has its own unique effect profile and intensity, which requires careful selection and awareness. It’s important that users carefully consider their personal needs, tolerance, and their health when choosing a particular cannabinoid. Different types of cannabinoids can have different impacts on the body and mind, from relaxing and calming effects to energising and invigorating.


Some may offer therapeutic benefits such as pain relief or sleep support, while others may be more effective at managing anxiety or stress. Therefore, it is crucial that users focus on educating themselves about the various cannabinoid compounds, their effects, and their potential side effects so that they can avoid unwanted experiences and maximise the potential benefits to their health and well-being.


So how to proceed?

  • Read the product information, whether you’re intending to choose vapes, cartridges, liquids, flowers, or joints.
  • A high-quality e-shop has well described products, states the concentrations of given substances, and tells you the recommended dosage.
  • Take note of reviews, or see if the retailer is creating their own blog – if they know something about the products, this is a good sign.

Monitor product quality 

When choosing cannabinoids, it is crucial not only to consider the different types and effects, but also to thoroughly assess the quality of the product, its laboratory testing by third parties, and the reputation of the seller. The quality and purity of cannabinoids can greatly affect both the safety and efficacy of the product.

Users should look for products that have been comprehensively tested by third-party accredited laboratories to ensure they contain exactly what is declared on the label and are free of harmful contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, or mycotoxins. Third-party lab screening also ensures that cannabinoid concentration data is accurate, allowing users to correctly dose and maximise the desired effects.


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