HHC: A legal alternative to THC or hazardous chemistry?

In recent years, the cannabinoid HHC has attracted a great deal of interest in the cannabis-loving community. But as its popularity grows, so does the question of its legality. Is HHC really legal, or does it fall under the same regulations as its relative THC? And what about drug tests and any risks associated with taking the substance?


HHC is legal, but...

The legal status of HHC varies depending on the jurisdiction and geographical location. In many countries, legislation regarding cannabinoids is rapidly evolving, and HHC as a semi-synthetic THC derivative often falls into a grey area. In some countries HHC can be legal if it is derived from a low THC substance, and this is the case in the Czech Republic. Low content means less than 1% THC in the parent substance.


How HHC is obtained is also important. Synthetics such as the infamous “spice” are banned. However, HHC is not primarily synthetic – it is found in cannabis plants and is of natural origin. It is typically obtained by synthesis from CBD and its final form is exactly the same as the form that occurs naturally – i.e. the one found in very small quantities in plants that would be extremely difficult to obtain.


Remember also the important fact that what is legal in one country may not be allowed in another. Possession, transport, and consumption of HHC can be considered a crime in some states, so be careful and find out what legislation applies where.

HHC and how to use it

HHC is and always will be a psychoactive substance. Although it does not have nearly as intense effects as illegal THC, it should be used primarily as part of a relaxation or pre-sleep ritual. After taking HHC do not drive or do any other activity where high concentration is required.


For some, the substance causes mild euphoria, for others, it can induce a pleasant tiredness and incentive to sleep. After 6 to 12 hours, the substance becomes inactive and does not affect your abilities.

HHC and drug tests

One frequently asked question about HHC is whether this substance shows up with routine drug tests. Standard drug tests usually look for THC and its metabolites in blood, urine, hair, or saliva. Because HHC is structurally distinct from THC, most of these tests would not directly detect it. However, there is a risk that some tests may respond to the presence of HHC due to its chemical similarity to THC, which could lead to false positives.


So, if you are using HHC vaporisers, HHC oils, or HHC sprays, keep in mind that there is the possibility of a positive test. THC is known to last up to 3 days in saliva, which gives some indication as to how long before you can be completely unconcerned by any test.


Bottom line, HHC products and especially high-quality ones from us are a guarantee of a pleasant experience, despite certain legislative restrictions. So enjoy them to the fullest.

History, development, and safety of HHC

HHC is one of many cannabinoids, i.e. derivatives of the cannabis plant. Although cannabis has been known about and used for thousands of years, the scientific interest in specific cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and now HHC is relatively new. So let us take a look at HHC, which is becoming more and more popular. What is its origin, how is it obtained, and how to avoid risks?



How it all started

Interest in substances of a similar type grew throughout the 20th and 21st centuries as scientific research began to explore the potential of cannabinoids more deeply. As technology and methods for researching and synthesising cannabinoids progressed, HHC became more widely available and began to gain attention in medical and consumer circles as an alternative to more common cannabinoids.


HHC was discovered in 1944 by Roger Adams, an American chemist, when he converted THC into HHC by hydrogenation. This involves the addition of a hydrogen molecule, a synthetic transformation that is no longer legal today.

How HHC is obtained

HHC is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid because although it does occur in small amounts in cannabis, it is nevertheless derived from another cannabinoid – CBD. This is simply because the amount of HHC in cannabis is so small that to create products like HHC oils, sprays, or vaping pen cartridges would mean harvesting an incredible amount of the plant itself, which both financially and environmentally would not be worth it.


This form of obtaining HHC is legal; on the contrary, the original method of obtaining HHC by hydrogenation, i.e. adding a hydrogen molecule, is completely synthetic and thus illegal. This is because we are aware of cases in the past of synthetically produced alternatives to THC that have posed huge health risks to users. HHC is thus perfectly legal, natural, and enriching for humans.

How to make sure you have good quality HHC

It is undoubtedly true that many brands continue to use all sorts of short cuts in the production of cannabinoids that do not benefit end users. The HHC in our products, from vaping disposables to gummies, are thoroughly tested by third party laboratories. This ensures you always get a clean product, not one that is chemically modified or diluted.

HHC is a safe substance

Of course, nothing should ever be done to excess. Before experimenting, explore products from the HHC world, read carefully about their use, and start out consuming smaller doses. For example, with HHC oils, keep an eye on their concentration; with candies, start with only half a serving.


Studies are not yet extensive enough to confirm or deny with certainty the effects described by users. They do agree on the undeniable benefits and occasional side effects, so it is clear that HHC body processing is a completely individual issue. The high-quality extraction of HHC is safe, the effects are roughly half those of THC, and – most importantly – it is a perfectly legal substance. Find your own way to HHC.

Who can benefit from HHC, and who is it not suitable for?

No two people are the same. HHC brings a lot of great benefits to our lives, but for some it may not be particularly suitable. In our article we summarise what you can expect from the substance and in what situations you can derive a lot of good from it. However, we will also discuss when to avoid HHC products.


When HHC is the right choice

HHC, or hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol, is a relatively new player in the field of cannabinoids and many people today are curious whether this substance is suitable for them. If you are looking for an alternative to THC that offers fewer psychoactive effects, HHC might be the one.


Many users report feeling a slight “high” after taking HHC, but without the intense euphoria or disorientation so typical of THC. It may be suitable for those seeking relaxation and stress relief without strong side effects. On the other hand, if you are sensitive to cannabinoids or else are looking for a powerful psychoactive experience, HHC is unlikely to be your first choice.

What benefits does HHC offer you?

Whether you reach for HHC vaping pens or joints, or for sprays and oils, you can look forward to several pleasant effects:


  • Pleasant relaxation and a feeling of light euphoria
  • Pain relief, or help with nausea
  • A sense of wellbeing and increased sensory perception


These effects explain why HHC products are popular for their ability to improve sleep and rest and why users can enjoy a pleasant evening after a hard day at work or a hard sports training. However, the effects are individual, and it depends entirely on your own body how it processes HHC. Therefore, definitely do not exaggerate your dosage and start using HHC with caution.


Consider other side effects – such as increased appetite – and whether they might be counterproductive. And definitely do not get behind the wheel or do anything that demands a similar type of focus. HHC is still a psychoactive substance, albeit much less effective than THC.


Who is HHC not suitable for?

Although HHC is considered a less psychoactive alternative to THC, there are groups of people who might be at risk of taking it.


  • Persons predisposed to psychological illnesses: As with other cannabinoids, taking HHC could exacerbate psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression or psychosis, especially in individuals with genetic predispositions.


  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women: Since there is not enough research on the safety of HHC during pregnancy or lactation, consumption is best avoided.


  • People taking certain medicines: HHC may interact with some drugs, especially those metabolised in the liver. Therefore, we strongly recommend consulting your doctor before combining HHC with any medications.


  • People with liver disease: Cannabinoids can affect liver function, which can be particularly problematic for people with existing liver diseases.


  • People with cardiovascular problems: Although HHC may have less intense effects than THC, there are still potential risks for people with cardiovascular problems. Cannabinoids can cause your heart rate to rise or your blood pressure to fluctuate.


Research on HHC is still at an early stage and may not be complete. It is therefore always a good idea to exercise caution, and if you belong to, or think you might belong to, the above groups, consult your doctor.


Remember that HHC is first and foremost about pleasant relaxation, so do not spoil it, and carefully explore the whole HHC world before experimenting.

What effect does HHC have on our sleep?

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you sleep as much as you need? Do you feel refreshed and rested in the morning and head off to work or school with a clear head? Always? Not everyone is so lucky these days. According to some statistics, one in two people have trouble sleeping. This article discusses how to help yourself using HHC products and give yourself the right relaxation to be relaxed in the morning.


Why do we sleep badly?

The quality of our sleep is essential to how we function overall. Many sources agree that we really should get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can cause physical and mental damage, ranging from heart disease to depression.


Simply put, a bad night can make getting up and getting through the day very uncomfortable. What are the most common reasons why we sometimes sleep badly?


  • Lifestyle, such as excessive stress, coffee consumption, or smoking and alcohol combined with lack of physical activity.
  • Mental problems such as depression or current problems that trouble us.
  • Severe pain that can prevent you from falling asleep and then cause frequent awakenings.


People deal with insomnia in different ways, from dietary adjustments to various supplements. But there is also a great alternative in the form of HHC that can bring you a range of benefits.

Cannabinoids and sleep

The substance HHC is a cannabinoid, similar to THC or CBD. These are known, among other things, as substances that promote sleep and a general calming of the body. Some cannabinoids have been shown to prolong the deep sleep phase and are therefore used by many people precisely to feel refreshed and invigorated when they wake up.


The well-known and illegal substance THC is psychoactive, meaning it affects our consciousness. In small doses, it usually has a calming effect and therefore accelerates falling asleep. On the other hand, in larger doses it can cause euphoria, a high, and you really don't want that when you're trying to fall asleep.


In contrast, the lesser known but perhaps even more interesting HHC may minimize these negative effects on your sleep, and it could be the optimal choice for you.


Why HHC?

HHC comes from industrial hemp or CBD and has similar effects to THC. However, the end product of HHC flowers, joints or oils must not contain more than 1% THC. In this case, HHC is perfectly legal in our country, but logically with less effect than THC.


And that's simply great news for our sleep rituals. Users report that the effects of HHC are roughly half those of THC, so the feeling of great euphoria doesn't compromise our sleep as much. On the contrary, HHC's effects are much more relaxing, helping with feelings of pleasant fatigue, pain relief, and a soothing sleep.


Various sources report that HHC can also prolong the deep sleep phase while shortening the dreaming phase. This may not be ideal for everyone, but for people suffering from excessive stress or post-traumatic disorders, it will be a very pleasant benefit.


Even HHC is not a panacea

It's not ideal to think that a few drops of HHC oil under your tongue will ensure a good night's sleep every time. Of course, a regular day and night routine, limiting blue light exposure, eating right, and a quiet and dark environment is all important. I'm sure you'll find plenty of other advice on how to fall asleep and stay asleep, and what works for you is truly an individual matter.


This is why you should think about HHC products as a supplement that doesn't replace a healthy lifestyle. It can help you relax, though, and relieve unnecessary stress that hinders your sleep.

HHC vs. CBD: similarities and differences

While CBD products are already quite well-known and popular in the Czech environment, HHC is not only less explored, but it also hasn't reached such a user base yet. This is a pity. Let's take a closer look at both substances, including in the context of the well-known and illegal substance THC. How do they relate to each other, how do they affect us as humans, and what are the differences in benefits to the human body?

THC, CBD, HHC: What's the difference?

What do these 3 substances have in common? They are among the cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, over a hundred of which have already been discovered with more being added all the time. They are all very similar chemically and in some cases have very similar effects. However, while CBD is quite far removed in nature from THC, HHC on the other hand is (very simply put) a legal and less potent alternative to THC. Why?


THC and CBD have the same chemical formula but different structures. While THC directly acts on the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, CBD does not. Therefore, the fundamental difference between them is that CBD is not psychoactive. This means that it does not cause changes in consciousness or perception when used and does not get the user “high”.


On the other hand, HHC, which you can consume in the form of HHC flower, vaping pens, joints, oils and gummies, is a lot closer to THC.

HHC as an alternative to THC

While CBD can even cancel out some of the effects of THC, HHC products are much closer cousins. HHC acts on CB1 cannabinoid receptors and is thus also psychoactive. What does that mean here? You can expect to experience euphoric states from HHC, in addition to the typical calming effect and perhaps even better sleep.


Unlike THC, HHC is legal, provided it is produced from raw materials with a maximum THC content of 1%. User experience suggests, therefore, that the effect of HHC is similar to its illegal relative, but at a much lower intensity of around 50%. It does not have a strong narcotic effect, it is unlikely to show up in conventional drug tests, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of HHC in peace.

Benefits and effects of HHC and CBD

The use of HHC is becoming increasingly popular for its ability to induce a feeling of pleasant relaxation, relieve pain, improve sleep, and produce a mild euphoria. Similarly, CBD can also reduce stress and fatigue, help with sleep, and improve overall well-being.


The main difference is the psychoactive effects mentioned above. While CBD is widely used for pain relief, reducing inflammation, and obtaining feelings of well-being, HHC may be an interesting choice for users looking for relaxation of body and mind, and perhaps even a bit of euphoria when looking for an easy rest after a hard day.

Comparison of side effects

Both substances, of course, can have side effects. Their use and dosage is highly individual and it is up to each user how they approach it. A simple rule of thumb is to start very carefully, and gain more and more experience as you get to know your body's reactions.


With CBD, however, side effects are actually a bit rarer. Dry mouth, changes in appetite, possibly mild indigestion... nothing serious. With HHC, which is understandable given the psychoactive nature of the substance, you may experience mild dizziness, red eyes, or paranoia. Of course, the big question is dosage and experience in “finding what works for you”.


The worlds of HHC and CBD are very similar and interconnected in many ways. It's up to you which one you prefer, or how you connect them in your own experiences.

HHC Oils: effects and dosage

Different than THC, but with a similar experience. This could be the main reason why legal HHC products are gaining in popularity. One of the many ways to enjoy pleasant states of euphoria, relaxation, and a host of other health benefits is through the use of HHC oils. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how to select and use, and what to expect from this increasingly popular product.


What benefits can you expect from HHC oils?

HHC oil is another addition to the diverse range of products built on HHC. It is a cannabinoid, of course, but it may only contain 1% THC with the promise of similar effects. HHC oils have the advantages that their use is completely discreet, they are sold in small bottles that fit everywhere, and their application is very simple.


E-shops offer a wide range of HHC oils in various flavours ranging from cherry to lime to lemon. What they all have in common, though, is that they can significantly help you with sleep quality and relaxation, and they can relieve nausea or anxiety. Everyone must find their own way to HHC, however; such effects are individual and described as based on experience, and are not medically confirmed.

How to apply HHC oil?

A few drops are enough for the pleasant effects of HHC oils. Most experiences state that the ideal amount is 10 to 20 drops, which you can mix in water or even in a smoothie. If you want a quick and more intense effect, simply drip the oil under your tongue.


HHC oils can also be used in food preparation, but in this case you should expect a longer onset of effects which are likely to last longer. You can also use the oil dermally, i.e. apply it directly to your skin and use it in a massage.

Correct dosage of HHC oils

The ideal dosage is generally not clearly defined for HHC products, and it's up to each individual based on how their body reacts. Beginners should start cautiously and observe the effects, increasing the dosage gradually and, most importantly, in moderation. The best time to take HHC is before bedtime or after physical activity.


  • Recommended beginner dosage: 5-12 mg per dose
  • Recommended dosage for regular consumers: up to 40 mg per dose


In the specific case of HHC oils, this is usually 10 millilitres, which is equivalent to about 250 drops. Therefore, take 10-20 drops per dose, but the information about the concentration of HHC in the specific product will be crucial for you.


What concentration of HHC to choose?

There is a very wide range of HHC concentrations in oil to choose from. From 5% oils for beginners, to 40% HHC in oil for advanced users.


  • A concentration of 10 ml and 5% provides a total of 500 mg of HHC in one small bottle.
  • A concentration of 10 ml and 40% provides a total of 4000 mg of HHC in one small bottle.


This means you should carefully calculate how many milligrams of HHC you get in a single dose, observe carefully the effects on your body and mind, and definitely don't overdo anything. The world of HHC is all about wellbeing, peace, and relaxation, not racing.


Benefits and questions: What effects does HHC have?

Who does not want to enter a state of pleasant fatigue, well-being, and relaxation. However, the effects of HHC can vary, and we will now look at them more closely. HHC is a cannabinoid that is not yet as well known as THC or CBD, but offers a number of benefits worth exploring or trying.


Is it similar to THC?

Simply put, HHC is a legal alternative to the well-known THC and unlikely to be detected by a drug test at normal doses. It is one of hundreds of different cannabinoids found in technical cannabis plants.


However, we can find a number of similarities between the effects of HHC and THC. Euphoria, an upbeat mood, or increased heart rate in some users, in others pleasant sense of relaxation. Due to the similarity of the two substances, there is also great therapeutic potential in HHC, but this cannot be confirmed as it is largely unexplored.

What can you expect from HHC?

Because of the lack of relevant studies of HHC and its effects on users, we are forced to conclude that this is purely an individual matter. However, human and animal testing is ongoing and data is accumulating, so we can draw out some common experiences that you can expect when taking HHC.


HHC usually starts working right after you take it. You can enjoy premium flowers, HHC pens, HHC sprays, oils, or gummies. Very quickly you tune into a state of well-being and pleasant relaxation, during which you forget about any muscle pain. And thanks to a pleasant sense of fatigue, HHC can help you, for example, get a relaxing sleep or develop an appetite, which is a shared feature of most cannabinoids. Other effects described by users include:


  • A change in visual and auditory perception
  • Invigoration
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Relief from inflammation in the body
  • Improved sleep quality


Like THC, HHC acts psychoactively. But do not expect trips to other dimensions, rather just to deeply relax and feel carefree. Again, however, these are not scientifically proven conclusions, so stick to the recommended dosage and find your own way.

HHC and negative side effects

Yes, HHC can also cause certain negative side effects. Again, they are all anecdotal – based not on scientific conclusions, but on user experience. There have also not been any extensive studies on the long-term effects on the human body.


Potential negative effects include:


  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Eye redness
  • Increased appetite
  • Sleep problems
  • Slower reactions
  • Faster heart rate


The attentive reader will notice that some aspects of the benefits are also among the potential risks in the form of the opposite effect. Of course, it depends on the amount of HHC, how it is applied, the quality of the cannabinoid, and, above all, what suits you personally.


With us, however, you can be sure of first-class quality HHC, with which – if you find the right way to use it – you can add a lot of good to your life. Inspiration for a pleasant HHC experience starts here.

How to enjoy HHC? Methods and dosages

What’s the best way to enjoy your HHC experience? You have a variety of options. You can relax and induce pleasant feelings – perhaps after a hard day – using different methods of application, and we will introduce them gradually in this article. Learn more about taking HHC and get inspired. But above all, pay attention to what suits you and how your body reacts.


Classic HHC flowers and HHC joints

HHC flowers are the flowers of technical cannabis. HHC is characterised by the fact that it must contain less than 1% of the well-known substance THC. At the same time, the concentration of HHC itself is up to 20% in the flowers.


HHC flowers can then be used for baking or cooking, or you can roll them up in the traditional way. We then come to HHC joints, which are pre-prepared, and your only task is to choose the best flavour.

HHC vaporisers and HHC pens with the fastest onset

Vaping is a catch-all term for electronic smoking. This includes using HHC vaporisers and disposable HHC pens, where you can also find a variety of flavours. HHC cartridges and HHC liquids are usually also available.


And the benefits of using an HHC pen? HHC generally has a relatively rapid onset of effects, so with a vaping pen you can see the effects even earlier. Unlike smoking, vaping does not introduce harmful carcinogens and toxins into your body.

Try highly absorbent HHC sprays

You can insert them straight into your mouth, they are simple and discreet. Thanks to unique microemulsion technology, sprays give you more intense effects than many other forms of application, but of course it mainly depends on what suits you.


You can choose from a variety of flavours to get that pleasant refreshment. The advantage of HHC sprays is also very good absorption – you really enjoy the effects of HHC to the fullest.

HHC oil? Just a few drops

What to look for with HHC oils? In addition to flavours, and again there are plenty to choose from, pay attention to the concentration of HHC in each type of oil. For beginners, we recommend a low concentration of 5–10%; the strongest products have up to 40%.


Dosing with HHC oils is simple: just mix 10–20 drops in a drink or drip under the tongue. Of course, the amount depends on the concentration of HHC in the oil, so read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Enjoy HHC Gummies

They are delicious, effective, and you’ll love them. HHC gummies are the perfect choice for creating a relaxed state, just pay attention to their dosage and start out with only half a gummy. Wait about an hour to feel the full effects. The onset is a little slower, but HHC Gummies can deliver you greater comfort.

How to administer the right dose of HHC

As HHC is not yet well studied, there is no clear rules on its dosage. So, as with all other cannabinoids, there are crucial recommendations – start very slowly and with small doses, and adjust the dosage accordingly.


However, it is generally agreed that the first doses should not exceed 5 to 12 mg. Primarily follow your own feelings and listen to what your body says. Meanwhile, experienced users should certainly stay within 40 mg per dose. Therefore, keep an eye on individual packages and product information, and follow the recommended dosage advised by experienced users.


We believe you will find the right way to appreciate HHC substances. You can start with our wide range, from flowers to gummies.

HHC: Its benefits and its advantages and disadvantages

HHC, or Hexahydrocannabinol, is an increasingly popular substance. It is a compound found in cannabis, which, while not as well-known as THC or CBD, offers potential benefits for medicinal and recreational use as well as industrial applications. Learn more about HHC; discover its benefits, legal ramifications, and potential risks.


What does HHC do?

HHC is one of many cannabinoids – chemical compounds found in cannabis plants, such as the more well-known THC. However, the chemical structures of these two substances are different; therefore, HHC can have different effects on our bodies than THC.


Some users of HHC report similar benefits as THC, such as relaxation, pain reduction or restful sleep, but without the euphoria and other changes in consciousness such as anxiety or paranoia which are common problems with THC. This requires further research, however; at this time these are findings from initial studies without large amounts of verified data.


In general, with HHC use you can expect relaxation of muscle tension, pain reduction and a pleasant sleepiness and better sleep.

Yes, HHC is legal

It is important to note, however, that the situation is constantly evolving and HHC has not yet been thoroughly studied. Current European legislation overlooks HHC, so we refer to the legislation dealing with THC and substances derived from it.


HHC is legal if it is of natural origin and derived from products whose THC content does not exceed 1%. Simply put, HHC is allowable from a legal point of view. It should not show up on conventional drug tests. Of course, this depends on the amount of substance in the body and the time between use and testing.

How can you treat yourself to HHC?

There are many HHC-containing products on the market. You can try different ways of using it and choose which one suits you best, for example:


HHC and its disadvantages

Like other cannabinoids, HHC can have various side effects in addition to its indisputable benefits. Due to the lack of thorough research on HHC, the information available is subjective. It is the responsibility of each person to use HHC cautiously and with respect for their health. Typical negative effects include dry mouth, increased appetite, delayed reactions, anxiety, and mood swings.


Do not drive or do any other activity which requires concentration while under the effects of HHC. Start with a small dose the first time in order to ascertain what effects HHC has on you. If you, like thousands of other users, are satisfied, you can slightly increase the dose. The journey to a pleasant HHC experience starts with HHC world.


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