HHC Oils: effects and dosage

Different than THC, but with a similar experience. This could be the main reason why legal HHC products are gaining in popularity. One of the many ways to enjoy pleasant states of euphoria, relaxation, and a host of other health benefits is through the use of HHC oils. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how to select and use, and what to expect from this increasingly popular product.


What benefits can you expect from HHC oils?

HHC oil is another addition to the diverse range of products built on HHC. It is a cannabinoid, of course, but it may only contain 1% THC with the promise of similar effects. HHC oils have the advantages that their use is completely discreet, they are sold in small bottles that fit everywhere, and their application is very simple.


E-shops offer a wide range of HHC oils in various flavours ranging from cherry to lime to lemon. What they all have in common, though, is that they can significantly help you with sleep quality and relaxation, and they can relieve nausea or anxiety. Everyone must find their own way to HHC, however; such effects are individual and described as based on experience, and are not medically confirmed.

How to apply HHC oil?

A few drops are enough for the pleasant effects of HHC oils. Most experiences state that the ideal amount is 10 to 20 drops, which you can mix in water or even in a smoothie. If you want a quick and more intense effect, simply drip the oil under your tongue.


HHC oils can also be used in food preparation, but in this case you should expect a longer onset of effects which are likely to last longer. You can also use the oil dermally, i.e. apply it directly to your skin and use it in a massage.

Correct dosage of HHC oils

The ideal dosage is generally not clearly defined for HHC products, and it's up to each individual based on how their body reacts. Beginners should start cautiously and observe the effects, increasing the dosage gradually and, most importantly, in moderation. The best time to take HHC is before bedtime or after physical activity.


  • Recommended beginner dosage: 5-12 mg per dose
  • Recommended dosage for regular consumers: up to 40 mg per dose


In the specific case of HHC oils, this is usually 10 millilitres, which is equivalent to about 250 drops. Therefore, take 10-20 drops per dose, but the information about the concentration of HHC in the specific product will be crucial for you.


What concentration of HHC to choose?

There is a very wide range of HHC concentrations in oil to choose from. From 5% oils for beginners, to 40% HHC in oil for advanced users.


  • A concentration of 10 ml and 5% provides a total of 500 mg of HHC in one small bottle.
  • A concentration of 10 ml and 40% provides a total of 4000 mg of HHC in one small bottle.


This means you should carefully calculate how many milligrams of HHC you get in a single dose, observe carefully the effects on your body and mind, and definitely don't overdo anything. The world of HHC is all about wellbeing, peace, and relaxation, not racing.