Step into 2024 with a greater sense of ease, courtesy of HHC

The new year is just around the corner and the time of resolutions and new beginnings is fast approaching. Entering the new year can be an exciting and refreshing experience, especially for regular HHC users or those willing to give the substance a try and discover its fascinating effects. This cannabinoid, which is often praised for its ability to provide a relaxing and pleasant experience without the extreme side effects known to be associated with the related substance THC, could be the ideal companion for those looking for a calm and focused transition into the new year. Here are a few tips on why HHC products could prove to be great companions for you in 2024

Enjoy some peaceful relaxation

HHC users can use its relaxation and anti-stress properties to create an environment full of well-being and positive energy, which is ideal for setting goals, planning and anticipating all those things which the new year will bring. As awareness of HHC and its benefits grows, entering the new year with HHC can also be a great opportunity to share experiences and educate others about this fascinating cannabinoid. Specifically, your companions in the new year could include:

Whichever HHC product you choose, with all of them, you can look forward to pleasant feelings with a clear mind, improved sleep, better mood and even pain relief, as well as better ability to cope with stress or anxiety.

Discover our new distillates

However, HHC is not the only thing waiting to be discovered in the new year. The new THCp and THCv distillates are also definitely worth exploring.


THCp is a relatively newly discovered cannabinoid which has a stronger affinity for CB1 receptors in the brain than regular THC, suggesting that it may have stronger psychoactive effects.


THCv, on the other hand, is known for its potentially stimulating and appetite suppressing effects, and is often studied for its potential benefits in the treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders. It has also been shown to increase energy, help regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation. These unique properties make THCp and THCv interesting substances for further research and possible therapeutic applications as well as recreational discoveries among new users.


Spice up your cooking

Are you ready to kick off the new year with some exciting experiments in the kitchen? Of course you are! HHC can be added to various recipes, especially those which require some kind of fat, such as oils or butter, because HHC is best dissolved in fats.


You can start by creating HHC butter or oil, which can then be used in a wide variety of recipes – from baked sweet treats like brownies and cookies to savoury dishes like sauces or marinades. It is important to keep dosage control in mind, as the effects of HHC may be intensified by digestion. Start with a small amount and gradually increase the dose according to your personal feelings.

Treat yourself to the best

Are you planning to experiment with HHC in the new year? Make sure your journeys into the world of HHC are as smooth as possible. Treating yourself to a superior product is justified for many reasons. Our products are 100% natural and free from any pesticides or chemicals, proven by third-party laboratories and offer you unrivalled quality, exceptional taste and utmost potency.