How do you recognise a high-quality HHC dealer?

In the world of cannabinoids, Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a substance that has become a source of increasing interest. And as interest in its potential benefits and effects grows, it’s increasingly important to identify high-quality and trustworthy sellers of HHC products. In an environment where there is a great deal of unclear information and plenty of myths, finding a reliable supplier is crucial. Let’s take a look at what to watch out for, especially with e-shops, to make sure you don’t go wrong.


Using high-quality HHC concentrate

The quality of the HHC concentrate used plays a key role in the production of HHC products. Use of pure, high-quality concentrate is essential for the production of safe, effective, and predictable products.


High-quality HHC concentrate should be manufactured using modern and safe extraction technologies to minimise the presence of unwanted substances such as solvents or contaminants, while maintaining the integrity of HHC molecules.


Seek out products from companies that are transparent about their production methods and that regularly undergo third-party testing to confirm the quality and purity of their products.


Our products have likewise been tested in Swiss laboratories and are of EU origin, so you can always be sure of their premium quality.

Growing their own HHC flowers and doing so professionally

Just like us. All our HHC flowers are produced in a professionally equipped indoor grow room, so we have full control over what happens to them all the time. Unlike the imported products from dubious sources at some other retailers. This means we can offer HHC flowers of the highest quality. They taste and look truly perfect, try them.

Abiding by legal standards

Vendors of HHC products must adhere to many specific legal standards and regulations to ensure that products comply with the applicable laws. Specific legal standards may vary depending on the jurisdictions of specific countries.


In some countries, HHC is legal if it is derived from a low THC substance. This is the case in the Czech Republic, where the low THC content of the starting substance is set at less than 1%, which our products of course safely meet. Our products can offer you great experiences, whether you’re trying HHC oils, HHC Vapes, or sprays.

Having a diverse selection

Whatever you’re buying, you want to have a choice. Have lots of alternatives, and look for exactly what suits you personally. That’s why we offer lots of different flavours, whatever way you like to use HHC products. How about HHC gummies? Or HHC oils with a wide range of HHC concentrations for both beginners and advanced users?


Find your way into the world of HHC products, it’s worth it! But don’t forget to start cautiously, enjoy some pleasant relaxation, and consume less rather than more at first. You’ll see for yourself what effects this great substance has on your body. Maybe it will induce a pleasant fatigue, maybe a little euphoria, but you’re guaranteed to like it.