HHC Oils: Everything you need to know before you buy

HHC oils are a relatively new addition to the growing cannabis market, and although they may be less well known than their CBD or THC counterparts, they are rapidly gaining popularity. HHC, which stands for hydrogenated tetrahydrocannabinol, is a molecule derived from THC. It undergoes a special process that changes its chemical structure and offers users a unique combination of effects and benefits. It is this uniqueness that makes HHC oils a popular choice for many looking for alternatives to traditional cannabis oils.

How to choose high-quality HHC oil

When choosing a high-quality HHC oil, it is important to carefully research the product and make as informed a choice as possible. First of all, it is a good idea to find oils that have undergone laboratory testing, which we carry out using independent Swiss laboratories.


These tests should confirm the HHC content, the presence or absence of contaminants, and ensure that the THC content does not exceed legal levels.


Transparency is key, so manufacturers who clearly state their processing, origin, and ingredients deserve your trust. Finally, consider reviews and feedback from other users. While individual experiences may vary, the overall picture of satisfaction can be a good indicator of oil quality.

What concentrations of HHC do we have in oils?

The concentration of HHC in oils can vary significantly and has a major impact on the strength and effects of the product. Typically, HHC oils are sold with concentrations ranging from 5% to significantly higher concentrations. For example, we offer products with 40% concentration.


Low concentration oils (e.g. 5–10%) are ideal for beginners or those seeking milder effects, while higher concentration oils offer a more intense experience and are often preferred by more experienced users.


However, a higher concentration does not automatically mean a “better” product. Instead, the choice should be based on individual needs and preferences.hhc-oils

How to apply HHC oil

The application and dosage of HHC oil is individual. Ingestion itself is simple and depends on the user’s preferences. The most common method is sublingual application, where a few drops of oil are dropped directly under the tongue and left there for one to two minutes before swallowing. This method allows the rapid absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream through the mucous membrane. For those looking for less direct methods, the oil can also be mixed with food or drink.

Benefits and risks of taking HHC oils

HHC oils represent a typical way to indulge in HHC. HHC can offer a number of benefits, some people are able to derive significant positives from it, for others it is not suitable.


The basic benefits of HHC oils include:

  • Potential pain relief;
  • These oils help with anxiety and depression, for many, HHC also improves sleep;
  • They can offer relaxation without the pronounced psychotropic effects typical of THC;


Of course, due to the so-far imperfect knowledge of all the effects of HHC, we can also trace certain side-effects described by users, such as:


  • Dry mouth, dizziness, or low blood pressure;
  • Slower reactions, red eyes;
  • Risk of interaction with other medicines.


The HHC world is so diverse that at this point the best way to develop your own ideal relationship to the substance is by carefully testing what suits you. What is certain, however, is that our HHC oils – made to the highest possible standard – give you the best introduction to really enjoying HHC.