HHCo Acetate Distillate

Get to know the novelty in the form of HHC-O distillate with a content of min. 96%

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HHCo Acetate Distillate


This product can be used in tinctures, nutrients and especially in cartridges etc.



Total cannabinoid content: 96% HHC-O
Delta 9 content: 0% THC
Composition: Hexahydracannabinol

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S Avatar of author | 02/10/2023
Good quality as always.
J Avatar of author | 12/09/2023
HHC-O wirkt wirklich sehr lange und hat viele bemerkenswerte Eigenschaften. Es wirkt fantastisch gegen Rückenschmerz! Es ersetzt bei mir täglich 3 x Tillidin 50mg problemlos. Auch psychisch ist man schön stabilisiert und Alltagstauglich:)
NJ Avatar of author | 14/08/2023
Great for thinning out HHC. The effect of the hhc-o is reliable good product
ES Avatar of author | 30/07/2023
Good quality and good taste but took threeweeks for me to receive it….
J Avatar of author | 11/07/2023
HHC-O ist wirklich eine feine Sache! Nimmst du einen Tropfen ein, hast Du einen langsam einsetzende und langanhaltende Wirkung. Ich rauche ansonsten HHC im Vaporizer. Wenn man gerade den Vaporizer nicht nutzen kann, ist das eine wunderbare Möglichkeit längere Zeit zu überbrücken, ohne das man denkt, man müsse mal am Vaporizer ziehen..
Avatar of author | 08/07/2023
I placed an order in February and am still waiting for the refund or the package. You stole 120€ from me
S Avatar of author | 03/06/2023
Made edibles from this. Got fucked hard 10/10
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E Avatar of author Why is (6aR,9S,10aR)-HHC acetate displade as it is the activ part in hhc acetate? 25/05/2023 11:46
Anyone notice that in the Coa the (6aR,9S,10aR)-HHC acetate is displade on top? To me that feels abit missleading?. Considering on the hhc distilate the active 9R is displade there. I know its up to everyone to check what thay are buying. 28.6% 6aR,9R,10aR)-HHC acetate is pretty low.. consider the price
NR Avatar of author yes u are correct 19/07/2023 14:50
yes this is correct and 9S is displayed above 9R because its the one with the highest % i dont know why kca labs does this, they might have changed and stopped doing it now tho but its just a guess, its hard to tell for sure but yeah its not even 30%R isomer on this product, but just to let you know svenska kompis hhcworld.eu doesnt update and show accurate lab results for any products sorgligt som fan,
E Avatar of author Jooo 26/06/2023 09:51
You and i are talking about 2 diffrent things, 50% 75% ?
J Avatar of author nah, yeah? high i am 17/06/2023 00:06
the content of hhc-o in this distillate is 50% and in hhc distillate its 75% considering that hhc-o is 1.5 times stronger than regular hhc 50 x 1.5 = 75 so its basically the same thing
E Avatar of author Taste 08/03/2023 21:02
Anyone got good advice how to add some good taste to it? terps ect
P Avatar of author Should be mixed hhc with hhc-o to vape? 18/01/2023 14:04
Hey there, should you mix this hhc with hhc-o? what is the benefit and process? thanks
K Avatar of author 25/01/2023 21:21
I can definitely recommend mixing the two for the best experience. But it's not necessary. HHC is extremely thick and hard to work with (you can even shatter it with a dab tool), but warmed up to about 60 c it becomes liquid and easy to work with. HHC-O is much more 'liquid' and can be used to thin out HHC so you can put it in vape cartridges for example. The internet says HHC-O is about 3.5x more potent than HHC, but I personally wouldn’t say that. It does fit really well with HHC. For the rest you can do pretty much anything you can imagine with it. Make it into oils, edibles (melt it with chocolate to get space chocolate f.e.), tinctures etc. Just be careful, eating a gram of this stuff can get you completely couch-locked for hours! Eating 1g of it would be equal to eating a 1000mg hhc edible.
A Avatar of author Ratio 24/11/2022 11:19
What would be a good HHC to HHCO ratio for refilling a cart?
K Avatar of author 25/01/2023 21:25
I use about a 70% hhc / 30% hhc-o ratio. But it differs, I don't really measure it precisely. There's no exact measurement you have to do, just do what is easiest to work with for you and what gives you the best effects.
F Avatar of author 28/11/2022 21:14
I would not vape or smoke HHC-O acetate. According to hhc.wiki a study says that it can be harmful to health. In my opinion it seems to make sense, because there were also deaths when THC pens were sold mixed with vitamin E acetate. They also write that the HHC by the acetate becomes more liquid and can thus be used directly in vapes.
A Avatar of author How you use it exactly? 14/11/2022 16:32
My experience with vaping hhc is vaping one disposable pen. Mostly I ve tried buds until now. How can I vape the distillate? I own a Pax 3 but would it be ok to use it with HHC distillate? What vaping tool I would need? thank you
K Avatar of author 25/01/2023 21:26
Personally for me the easiest method is putting it in a 510 thread cartridge and vaping it that way.