HHC Distillate

The highest quality HHC distillate on the market with more than 98% HHC at unbeatable prices.

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Category: HHC Distillate

HHC Bulk Oils

Are intended for dabbing and DIY. This product can be formulated into tinctures, edibles, cartridges, etc. in your home.

HHCworld is well known in the wholesale cannabinoid space. HHCworld supplies many household brands that are your source of cannabinoids. Now you can go straight to the source to make sure your product is properly and safely tested!

Total Cannabinoid Content: See COA tab.

Delta 9 content: 0% THC
Composition: Hexahydracannabinol

The product is not intended for direct consumption

For more information or certificate info@hhcworld.eu

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G Avatar of author | 30/12/2023
It Works Great
N Avatar of author | 11/12/2023
Quality product. Fast shipping and cheap. Very happy. Will buy again.
M Avatar of author | 26/11/2023
i Said it once and ill say it again hhc destillate is a Super product recently i bought myself a 50gram glass of hhc destillate and i loved it effects can be sometimes strong if you have not a huge tolerance but for this price on hhcworld is pretty cheap compared to other website who sell hhc destillate for much more
N Avatar of author | 26/11/2023
was my first exploration into the HHC-World (yes, pun intended ^^) and I enjoyed it both for smoking and I also made chocolate with the extract. while I think effects last really briefly and somewhat more flat than I'd prefer when smoked. but holy moly, if you make edible out of this, that was awesome experience for me. Also simple because no need for decarboxylation with this extract ;P
SA Avatar of author | 07/11/2023
Excelent site
DT Avatar of author | 05/11/2023
Consistently high quality & a favourite.
SK Avatar of author | 31/10/2023
Exactly as described, very securely and discreetly packaged. 10/10. Second order going in right now.
M Avatar of author | 31/10/2023
Einfach bombe Qualität zum guten Preis bester online Verkäufer wenn man Preis und Qualität angucken tut
M Avatar of author | 30/09/2023
Das beste Produkt weit und breit super qualität und hat einen guten kick für grade mal 39 Euro das ist schon fast geklaut
D Avatar of author | 22/08/2023
Mindblowing at a mindblowing price, totally worth it.
A Avatar of author | 17/08/2023
Top class 👍
S Avatar of author | 31/07/2023
Long time buyer, long time happy. A quality thing to make many miracles.
L Avatar of author | 27/07/2023
many thanks to klara for the great customer support, product arrived fine and well packaged.
G Avatar of author | 24/07/2023
I made this order 20 days ago. Products arrived in perfect time with GLS courier. So, i'm here to rating the hhc distillate: the best product at the moment in entire Europe. I've made some orders from Gilded USA , that have a very good hhc distillate. But hhcworld has an 74% HHC R the best on the market. i've bought 50 gr distillate, put in my oven, and pullup with a borosilicate syringe with metal needle. I only put again in microwave oven for 40 seconds, and pull out the distillate in a empty pill and the game start !
R Avatar of author | 22/07/2023
Product is class. Customer service is top class no issues to big or small. These guys are the leaders in hhc products & knowledge. Thanks guys 👏
Avatar of author | 08/07/2023
I placed an order in February and am still waiting for the refund or the package. You stole 120€ from me
JH Avatar of author | 06/07/2023
I bought this product 2 times 1 10g and another 50g just tried the 50g took a very small dab with my rig i am higher than a kite while writing this. 100 percent worth the money this is also the cheapest place on the internet for distillate. They are also amazing with reufunds and reshipping if your order got lost. Thanks very Much :)
NR Avatar of author | 22/06/2023
Fast shipping to sweden, great product for an alright price.
S Avatar of author | 09/06/2023
Such a good thing, you can make so many recipes with it.
Avatar of author | 09/06/2023
Sehr gutes Produkt ! 5*+ auf die Gesamte Bestellung !! Schnelle Umsetzung der Banküberweisung (1Tag), schneller Versand (3Tage) Das Produkt erfüllt seine Kriterien und entspricht voll den Erwartungen !!! Alles bestens und immer wieder gerne 👍🤝
M Avatar of author | 05/06/2023
Some problems with shipping (20 days to italy) but product is excellent! 5 stars.
K Avatar of author | 03/06/2023
It's great. I bought a 50g jar back in the end of 2022 and it's quality was the best I've seen so far. Then I bought it again recently and it's quality is even better, seems a lot more pure etc.. It's clearer, has less taste and smell and it's easier to work with than before. You have definately improved the production process. Thanks!!!
S Avatar of author | 03/06/2023
Works great. Fantastic prices co.pared to everywhere else
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Avatar of author Perfect 05/07/2023 18:34
HHC/Dynavap /Dynacoil
C Avatar of author FAQ 15/06/2023 01:33
How do you pour into cartridges? will the glass pipette pass the exam? How many degrees do you heat the distillate to pour it into the cartridge? Can you pour it straight into the cartridge or do you need to add something else? Can you use flavor on glycol? (for example 2 drops)
JH Avatar of author 21/06/2023 09:09
Hello i use a hair straitner to heat the cartridge and the distillate i usually mix the distillate with cbd eliquid you can buy in any vape store or terpenes. If you are using cbd eliquid or terpenes only add 2 or 3 drops depeneding on how much distillate you are using. Make sure to heat the cartridge it makes it 100 times easier
E Avatar of author Terpener 07/03/2023 13:22
Do anyone have a good suggestion on liquidizer terps that can be used to thin out the hhc? something that gives it a good taste and a smooth inhale when used in a 510 cart.
N Avatar of author Terpenes 27/05/2023 13:47
Adding few Terpenes liquidize distillate, at room temperature now is right for e-vaping.
N Avatar of author Terpenes and right atomizer 27/05/2023 13:43
Terra Nabis terpenes are very good and strong, add 2-4%, few drops (1 drop per gram is very stong flavour), and mix well with distillate at 60°C. But, you must use a right atomizer, example, ceramic coil for oil, terp pen, ecc... Don't use PG or VG, is better without.
A Avatar of author How many ml per gram? 22/02/2023 18:27
I would like to know how much volume 50g is. as I have ordered the vapes before and would like to have something to compare to.
K Avatar of author It's a lot if it's just for you 03/06/2023 01:28
It's a lot if it's just for you. Really. 50g comes in a jar that's 5.3cm tall (or about 2 inches) and has a 5cm diameter and it's almost full of the stuff. It's roughly an equivalent of 50 x 1ml HHC cartidge
L Avatar of author 12/04/2023 15:25
in room temperature its at 1ml per gram and 90c tempretarue around 1ml per 985mg
P Avatar of author Question Mixing 18/01/2023 14:03
Hey there, should you mix this hhc with hhc-o? what is the benefit and process? thanks
A Avatar of author 14/02/2023 00:49
I tried it. The HHC-O is more of a downer like Indica, whereas this is more of a Sativa. I noticed I felt more couch glue when I mixed them.
B Avatar of author Destilate/COA 03/01/2023 11:46
Is the HHC Destilate tested for remaining Heavy Metals? i coudnt find anything on the COA. Thank you
P Avatar of author COA 28/06/2023 11:30
That's a legit question. Can't find it in the lab analysis. If the Industry uses palladium and other heavy metals for faster extractions I'd be on the lookout for proper testing.
P Avatar of author COA 28/06/2023 11:25
That's a legit question. Can't find any lab analysis.
A Avatar of author Vaping distillate 14/11/2022 16:34
My experience with vaping hhc is vaping one disposable pen. Mostly I ve tried buds until now. How can I vape the distillate? I own a Pax 3 but would it be ok to use it with HHC distillate? What vaping tool I would need? thank you
K Avatar of author 1ml empty cartridges that you fill yourself or dab 03/06/2023 02:09
Another option is to buy 1ml or 0.5ml cartridges with 510 thread - like the filled ones you can buy here and then refill them again :D or find a good deal on empty ones online and fill them yourself with something like a glass eye-dropper or heat the destilate and pour it to a different glass container that would be easier to use than the one it's shipped in etc. I personally tried different methods but after some time i learned how to pour it properly straight from the 50g jar to 1ml cartridges. Just an important note, it might be obvious but if you're going to use some kind of tools and containers while working with HHC (especially HEATED HHC) avoid any kind of plastic or metal tools and containers, just use some kind of glassware etc. If you can buy this and get it shipped to your home then most probably you can buy any kind of heat-resistant glassware like bongs and accesories used for dabbing etc. Then you can use any kind of vaping pen or e-cigarrete that uses 510 thread. but prefferably with some kind of power control - cheap pen vapes with 3 settings are alright, but it's better to have exact wattage control (in my experience 1ml cartridge works best with a 8W-14W range) Another option is to just dab it, heat it in a bowl pipe etc. Just try different things, but always consider your safety - if you see that HHC is a really thin liquid then it's really really hot - it will burn your skin, so be careful with your experiments and have fun! :)
E Avatar of author 17/11/2022 18:03
Get a honey straw, nectar collector, or terp pen. Heat the oil up ahead of time to make it more easy to work with, or add terpenes or HHCO to thin it out for cartridges.