H4CBD Distillate

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Category: Distillate

The H4CBD distillate consists of H4CBD together with a "denatured" cannabis distillate from which the other cannabinoids have been removed. Rare cannabinoids such as H4CBD are mainly available in the form of distillates. The reason for this is that it is easy to combine the distillate base with virtually any isolated cannabinoid.

Like most cannabinoids other than CBD and CBG, H4CBD must be produced as a derivative of a natural cannabinoid derived from cannabis, which makes the H4CBD distillate a synthetic product by nature. Although the synthetic cannabinoid dominates the distillate, H4CBD still looks as you might expect - typically honey-colored, viscous and transparent.

Formula: C21H34O2
Molecular weight: 318.5 g/mol
Appearance: golden to amber oil
Efficiency: 98%+
Odor: None
Format: Racemic mixture

Store at room temperature, protected from UV light and excessive humidity.

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J Avatar of author | 21/08/2023
Its really strong,will get u bit stoned, and then more buzzy like "caffeine shot". I personally doesnt have feel to eat, and will probably loose weight on it. But! its almost imposible to DAB this think, bcs u will cough after that for hours. It will be perfect in gummies or somethink like that, but i d not have a recipe. Im writing this, only bcs i recieved it free. Rating by 5 stars, the coughing effect of this, is seriously horrible, but i like it same way.
EG Avatar of author | 21/07/2023
Amazing finding! I'm in love more whit that as to HHC
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F Avatar of author Adding CBD distillate 26/04/2023 12:34
Nice to see this added, wonderful job you are doing... would you guys please consider adding broad spectrum CBD distillate as well? That would be beneficial to mix with your other main product, thank you
E Avatar of author Anyone test this? 19/04/2023 16:06
Anyone test it? better effect then hhc? how it feel?
R Avatar of author 30/04/2023 22:59
It have no effect
Avatar of author 19/04/2023 17:25
I've tried H4CBD in the US (it's sometimes marketed as PHC there) and it was pretty amazing. It's comparable to HHC, but much harsher in your throat. I haven’t tried this one but I really want to order it soon! Also really nice to mix with other cannabinoids.