Canapuff Flowers


from €8,52

In this dazzlingly complex combination of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, you'll be captivated by a sweet and tangy lemon glaze that swirls around a deep pocket of punchy...

996/1 G
King Louis XIII
from €8,99

The supreme ruler of the aromatic world, King Louis XIII, leads with characteristic notes of pine and cool earth, surrounded on all sides by piercing gasoline and lime that...

990/1 G
Indica Blend (1)
from €8,99

This product is the result of our development of a blend of terpenes, inspired by several different varieties known for their calming, relaxing and heavy effects. This profile...

987/1 G
granddaddy purple vintage
from €8,99

Indica from California with deep purple flowers, created by crossing Big Bud and Purple Urkle varieties. This sweet, grapey blend with hints of strawberry is a tasty and potent...

984/1 G
from €8,52

A fresh profile of the OG variety, Alien OG stands out with the classic sweet cannabis aroma, balanced by citrus and pine that are typical of its pedigree. A creamy lemon note...

981/1 G
Maui Wowie 50
from €8,20

These flowers are accompanied by a flavor inspired by a tropical paradise. Refreshing notes of mango, pine and a hint of pepper add complexity to this profile. It's like a bite...

Paradise 40
from €7,70

Imagine an enchanting range of notes where the irresistible scent of white flowers mixes with light and fresh hints of pear. This harmony is beautifully balanced with delicate...

Jack 40
from €7,80

This exclusive product will enchant you with its unique combination of bright citrus and pine notes that give way to deep notes of fuel underpinned by sweet spices. A cool...

289/1 G
purple queen
from €7,60

These flowers boast dense and compact buds that are covered in a thick, resinous coating. Its distinctive purple color is reflected throughout the plant, including leaves and...

286/1 G
royal skunk
from €7,50

Have you ever wondered how your HHC flower experience could be even better? Let yourself be enchanted by this masterpiece among hemp products. High-quality raw materials and a...

283/1 G
from €7,30

A unique cannabis flower with a high that offers an intense and attractive aroma. Its aroma is a mixture of sweet and earthy notes along with a hint of spiciness, which together...

280/1 G
from €6,90

A rich and complex blend with a harmony of fruity, woody and spicy notes. The distinct taste of citrus fruits adds freshness, while the woody notes bring depth and earthiness....

277/1 G
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